Visual artist, painter, muralist

Kelsey D. Antonelli is a professional visual artist in the Las Vegas area. Her passion for art formed as a young child, and her inspirations were found in femininity in art. Kelsey specializes in her use of color as a tool in story-telling. Many of Kelsey's original pieces show the allure of feminine energy and the flexibility provided by bending color schemes. She has worked with many clients one-on-one to create custom pieces directly tailored to their needs. Kelsey specializes in forms of acrylic, oil, colored pencil, graphite, and mixed medias. 

Kelsey's work can be found several places around the valley and has partnerships with Joe Maxx Coffee Company and American Eagle Outfitters. She has been recognized at the Springs Preserve Gallery in downtown Las Vegas, and has found homes for her fine art prints and original pieces across the country as well as several international locations. Her current driving inspiration is the beauty in every day life and an appreciation of the small things, whether that be the subtle signs of emotion or a lizard sitting on a wall. 

Kelsey D. Antolick, fine artist

Kelsey with her custom acrylic portrait of the late Pop "Bashar Jackson" Smoke, acrylic and oil, 30x40.